Overview of Items Covered in Policies & Procedures

1. Care of Campus & Property — Registered participants and their families will respect and preserve the campus and its furnishings; any repairs or replacements necessary due to damage (whether accidental or intentional) will solely rest on responsible student/parent. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

2. Conduct & Language — Students are expected to behave and speak in a way that respects and honors God, themselves and others. This behavior includes how adults or students are respected, what clothing students choose to wear, public displays of affection, choice of activities between classes, and other actions that may distract from the moral environment.

3. Student Attire/Dress — The Biblical principles of modesty, purity, obedience, and respect are the standards applied. Clothing should be neat and appropriate to a school environment, i.e. dressy casual.

4. Lunch/Study Hall — Supervised lunch and study hall are provided for students and are regarded as privileges which may be taken from the student at any time for non-compliance with any policy set forth by MAS and its church facility/host. Water is the only allowed beverage for students.

5. Cell Phones/Electronic Devices — While on campus the use of any technology or web search device must pertain directly to a student’s specific class, club, or MAS event. Instructors and study hall monitors may have access to the student’s technology at any time in order to monitor the appropriate use of the device.

6. Check In/Out Policies & Campus Limits — During the Class Day (9 am-4 pm) all non-driving students are required to be in class/study hall/lunch from the time of arrival to the time of departure. No student may be unsupervised by either a parent, staff member, or adult at any time while on campus. Students are NOT permitted to leave campus or walk to the adjacent shops. Parents (or an approved adult) must pick up their students within 10 minutes of the end of the student’s last class. In case of an emergency, please arrange for another approved parent to pick up your student. Registered Teen Drivers may check out at the 4th Floor during the day to get lunch, run an errand, etc. but may NOT take other students with them. A registered Teen driver may transport other Students to and from classes with written permission from both driver’s and passenger’s parents listed on the Driver Registration forms. 

7. Driver Registration/Student Drivers — All Drivers (adult and student) must submit a Driver Registration form for the academic year. Students must have written parental permission to leave campus with an adult or teen driver other than the parent. While driving on campus and in the parking garage, all drivers must adhere to all driving laws.

8. Harassment & Bullying — MAS seeks to maintain a Christ-centered educational environment characterized by respect and love while allowing open, courteous, and respectful discussion of important, controversial or cultural issues in an appropriate environment. Every student should have the opportunity for a positive educational experience and MAS is committed to pursuing a culture free of discrimination and harassment.

9. Possession of Prohibited Items — Possession of tobacco/tobacco products/vaping products, weapons, alcoholic beverages/controlled substances, pornographic material, etc., is strictly prohibited. To maintain a safe and legal environment for learning, MAS staff and adult volunteers may conduct, at any time, searches of a student’s backpack or personal belongings.

10. Homework and Cheating — Homework assignments are a regular and vital part of your child’s education. Students are expected to complete homework according to instructors' directions. Stealing classroom material from other students or sources is disallowed; students sharing material with cheating students are also considered guilty. Both will be punished at the discretion of instructors and may be reported to parents & administrators. Students who have not met the minimum requirements of a passing grade in class(es) will not be allowed to register for the following academic year without consultation per administration and/or applicable instructors.

11. Disciplinary Action — When advised or warned about an infraction, students will either change behavior/conduct, or they will be asked to leave class(es) for a time period, appropriate to the infraction. Based on information available and the judgment of MAS Staff, appropriate action will ensue. For incidents of repeated and excessive misbehavior, a Parent Disciplinary Council may be consulted as needed.

12. Statement of Faith — MAS agrees with and commits to abide by the Statement of Faith of The Church of The Apostles. We are a Christ-focused, Biblically based program– our instructors and administrators sign Christian statements of faith, and our policies are shaped around the principles of a Biblical worldview.



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